Here I am doing a fitness segment on the set of a new NBC show with three terrific hosts (and great athletes!): Lindsay, Hannah, and Codi. What’s this all about? I’ll post an update here soon.

I had the opportunity to test-drive a Tesla this week. This is a 100 percent electric car (no gas!) that can from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. I have to say, it was unbelievable. Now keep in mind, this is a sports car, like a Porsche or a Lamborghini. If fact, it reminded me a lot of Lamborghini (hey, we get to drive a lot of cool cars at Men’s Health!). It’s very small and close to the ground, but very, very fast, and also VERY quiet. My colleague, Eric Adams, snapped a pic of me standing next to it. Unfortunately, my huge body (not) gets in the way of the view. But you can read more about the car on Eric’s blog (nicest guy in the world, by the way) and also at Tesla Motors. In case you’re wondering: The base sticker price is 109K. But again, you don’t need any GAS. That’s cool.

I appeared on The Dr. Oz Show this week. In case you’re wondering, the product I give a thumb’s up to is the Valslide. It’s a really useful workout tool from my favorite celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters.

Great pic of my 5-month old daughter “reading” her first magazine.

I’ve updated (and upgraded) my home on the Web. It’s my personal site, which means I’ll simply be posting stuff that’s interesting to ME. So you’ll find links to the  stories that I write AND read, along with observations that I make about fitness, nutrition, and health, and also random posts about my personal life and whatever else might be on my mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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